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Dr Jayasuriya - Dragon Medical One

Dr Jayasuriya is a GP Partner at Churchview Surgery, a busy GP Practice based in Essex.

For over 15 years Dr Jayasuriya has been using Dragon Dictation products, from the original premium version which required him to add his own vocabulary, to the legacy desktop Dragon Medical Practice Edition.

Last year, Crescendo introduced him to Dragon Medical One, the new cloud-based edition.

“As I have been using Dragon for many years, I have enjoyed the more accomplished, quicker medical version, Dragon Medical One. To me, Dragon Medical One has added more peace of mind in dictation. Over the years I have made mistakes while using the other formats. I had mastered Dragon Premium and had my own vocabulary. But with the current version of Dragon Medical One life is so easy. I use Dragon Medical for almost all practice activities.”


Every month Dr Jayasuriya spends an average of 18 hours dictating into Dragon, saving him approximately 36 hours compared to self-typing.

Dr Jayasuriya also uses an average of 700 AutoTexts each month, which is a function where frequently used sentences and paragraphs can be inserted by saying a trigger word. Saving him even more time with the software.

hours spent dictating each month
hours saved every month compared to self-typing
autotexts inserted on average each month

“Dragon Medical One is extremely accurate to my pronunciation and it is ready to go straight out of the box. It gives me stress-free clinics and I have no fear of running late. I do not mind my patients being late or having shopping lists. I document them all and over the years I found my documentation evolved and it is so useful if you ever run into complaints. I recommend this as a very powerful tool if you plan to become a successful GP. Many thanks to Crescendo for introducing me to Dragon Medical One.”

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