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by daniella driver

Positively improve your work-life balance with 1 product - dragon

Do you want to improve your work-life balance? It’s no secret that technology is constantly evolving, and with that comes concerns about how advanced it is in today’s world, AI being a main topic of discussion right now, even becoming a trend on platforms such as TikTok. More often than not, technology is not as intimidating as it might seem.

There’s a lot being done behind the scenes in many workplaces regarding the value of personal time and finding a more manageable routine. Some ways this has been introduced is through 4-day working weeks, flexible work initiatives, and even improved technology solutions. You might be wondering how you’ll manage your workload when your working week could be reduced soon – to that I say, “Have you met Dragon?”

Allow me to elaborate – Dragon Speech Recognition is the World’s #1 Speech-To-Text software, with impressive cloud-based solutions to ensure you are always using the latest version with no need for manual updates, whilst allowing you to work anywhere, at any time.

Dragon has helped countless Doctors, Nurses, Financial Accountants, Lawyers and many, many more business professionals to increase their productivity at work while simultaneously being able to be more available for personal affairs – whether that be spending time with loved ones, or achieving personal goals that might have been forgotten due to your passion for work.

You may be reading this in disbelief, questioning how speech recognition improves your work-life balance – but did you know that Dragon will enable you to save a minimum of 1 hour every day? Who wouldn’t want to gain back time?

Not only can you save time, but you are met with instant results of 99% accuracy from your first use, PC navigation controlled entirely by your voice, i.e. “Open Microsoft Word”, auto-texts that open with just a couple of words like “Insert Signature”, as well as auto-commands such as “Launch Meeting Template”.

Crescendo recently hosted a webinar alongside Nuance to discuss this same work-life balance topic in more detail, as well as showing you how the engine works via a live demonstration. I recommend you give it a watch here if you are interested in futureproofing your daily routine.

Want to try Dragon for yourself?

Crescendo want to give you the chance to try a Dragon product of your choice free of charge for 30 days, so you can experience the benefits first-hand. All you need to do to kickstart your transition is get in touch with our Sales team today via or by calling us on 01932789433 Opt 1.

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