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by Daniella driver

How effective is 'Dragon Professional Anywhere' for a newbie?

As a new user of Dragon Professional Anywhere  or DPA as most people call it, its benefits were very clear from the outset. Its AI technology means it is constantly learning and the software is designed to be easy to use. The Dragon Bar appears as a simple blue strip on your screen – the minimalistic design of this means you still have access to your usual applications with no disruption. With the click of a button (specifically the large + key on the righthand side of the keyboard), you can toggle the microphone on (red) and off (green).

You are guaranteed to get the most effective results from DPA when using a good quality microphone or headset for crystal-clear dictation. Follow these quick tips, and you’ll be a pro in no time:

  • Position the microphone to the side of or below your mouth so not to breathe into the mic
  • Keep the microphone about 1-3 inches away from your mouth
  • Think about what you are going to say before you turn on the microphone
  • Keep the microphone distance and level of your voice consistent while dictating

Dragon Professional Anywhere can save you 1 hour of typing a day

It is important that you speak naturally when dictating, but to understand that a ‘command’ requires a different tone. The clearer you are with your instructions, the better your results will be! Have you ever heard of the expression ‘think before you speak’? Well, the same rule applies to your Dragon Professional Anywhere device – you must always be fluent with what you say before you dictate. Confidence is key.

From the perspective of a first-time user, some advice to take on board is to be mindful of your punctuation. If you need a letter to be capitalised, or a full stop is needed in a sentence, this must be verbally instructed, cap that. Let’s not forget that patience is a virtue, so allow the text to appear on-screen after each sentence and before continuing to dictate, which can be achieved with a pause. 

In the event that another individual might need to refer to your notes, or if you need to reflect on these in the future, make sure to dictate in complete sentences where possible for utmost clarity.

Not only am I newly acquainted with Dragon, but am a new team member at Crescendo. With that in mind, I was provided with the same training any new user would receive and was thoroughly impressed and reassured by its simplicity despite feeling daunted by the technology myself at first glance.

So, just how effective is Dragon Professional Anywhere for a newbie? It is safe to say that as someone who is not particularly tech-savvy, I have been blown away by how simple it is to use. If the fear of using new technology is something holding you back from trialling the software free of charge for 30 days, I can assure you that you will be perfectly fine using Dragon, especially since the Crescendo tech team are always around if you need help with anything.

Nuance’s latest Speech Recognition is powered by the world’s leading speech recognition engine, Dragon, and the all new Dragon Professional Anywhere. This Speech Recognition engine has been proven to make professionals 3x more productive with the average person in the UK typing 40 words per minute, Dragon is capable of 150 words per minute.

Dragon Professional Anywhere

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