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by olivia beke

Can you beat the Dragon?

Dragon Speech Recognition has proven time and time again to save it’s users an average of 1 hour a day on typing.

But I’m a fast typist, I don’t need Speech Recognition!

Can you type 150 words per minute? Because if not, you’re going to save time with Dragon. And that is without mentioning AutoTexts and AutoCommands.

See how you compare to "the Dragon"

Why “The Dragon” will save you the most time?

The most basic feature of Dragon Speech Recognition Software is the speech-to-text engine. This allows users to dictate into a microphone then “The Dragon” will transcribe the audio in real-time and insert the text wherever your cursor is placed.

Dragon Speech Recognition is different to other speech-to-text engines as it allows for even more time savings with the following clever functionality:

Correcting – this allows the speech recognition software to learn your voice, if it’s not picking up a word you can correct it and it will get it right next time. No other Speech Recognition can do this.

Adding words – with this feature you can use words that aren’t in the standard dictionary, such as last names like mine which is “Beke”.

AutoTexts – this is the ability to insert standard phrases and paragraphs by using a simple voice commands such as “insert privacy summary”.

AutoCommands – this feature allows you to navigate your PC entirely by voice including calling up templates such as “open SLA template”.

It sounds too good to be true? 

We agree, it does sound too good to be true, that’s why Crescendo are offering free 30-day trial licences so you can put it to the test yourself.

Request your free trial on the form below or call our friendly team on 01932 789433 opt 1.

So What now?

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