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Is it different from Dragon Naturally Speaking?

Yes Dragon Naturally Speaking is the local version and the product we demoed today is Dragon Medical One which is cloud based. 

What is the cost?

The pricing has a few variables, including how many licenses and if you need hardware. If you are interested in finding out specific pricing for you, then get in touch we are always happy to provide you with a quote. 

Are there any GDPR issues using a cloud based dictation service?

No, a couple of years back when Nuance moved Dragon to the cloud they had to go through a rigorous process with NHS Digital to make sure the software was secure and compliant with GDPR. 

What is the accuracy rate?

Up to 99%. The accuracy out the box now is really quite stunning, you can expect to receive 95% accuracy out the box. The product then learns and adapts to your voice and commands. 

How have you found that the product fits in the GP workflow?

It is very much up to the GP and the type of workflow the doctor is carrying out. As a generality most would use Speech Recognition after the event. 

What are the advantages of DMO Cloud over the local version?

One of the great advantages of the Cloud version is that it will run on basically any machine. Another advantage is accessibility, you can deploy it very simply across a whole network or on remote machines which will be able to pick up your own unique voice profile. The third major advantage is that this version has an analyst module built in allowing you to monitor the performance of the software. 

Can I use the inbuilt microphone on the PC/Laptop?

Yes you can, having said that for optimum performance we would recommend you using a suitable headset or microphone. 

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