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by olivia beke

Crescendo Now Offers Dragon Medical One for Mac!

Great news, Mac users can finally use Dragon Medical One (DMO) with their Mac operating system!

Crescendo has teamed up with Helium to offer our clients a powerful new solution: Dragon Medical One (DMO) for MacOS.

Experience the power and accuracy of the Microsoft + Nuance industry-leading speech recognition technology on your Apple computer.

Why Dragon Medical One?

Unmatched Accuracy: DMO boasts industry-leading recognition thanks to advanced AI and comprehensive medical vocabularies, ensuring even complex medical terms are captured correctly.

Boost Efficiency: Dictate clinical notes and documentation quickly and accurately, freeing up valuable time for patient care and reducing administrative tasks.


Improved Productivity: Streamline documentation workflows with seamless integration into leading clinical systems such as EMIS Web and TPP SystmOne.

Reduced Errors & improved MedicoLegal Protection: Minimise mistakes and inconsistencies often associated with manual documentation, leading to improved patient care quality.

Mac Compatibility

DMO for Mac is compatible with various Apple Mac models featuring M1/M2/M3 and Intel processors. You can also use a variety of microphones, including Nuance PowerMic 4, AirPods, webcams, Olympus RecMic, Philips SpeechMike Pro, and more.

DMO for Mac is compatible with the latest macOS versions, including Sonoma (v14), Ventura (v13), and Monterey (v12).

Try Dragon Medical One for Mac free for 30-days

Crescendo offers all healthcare professionals and organisations the software completely free with no upfront cost or credit cards required.

Start your free trial now.

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