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by daniella driver

Workforce Shortages and how to tackle them

Winter is fast-approaching, and as we all know 2023 has flown by at a rapid pace. With that being said, we need to recognise the challenges that are inevitably going to come for healthcare professionals. Sick leave and winter feel as though they go hand in hand – it’s uncontrollable and inevitable. Not only this, but with the festive season being just around the corner, you will notice more staff taking annual leave. Rightfully so. Whilst no one should feel guilty for either being ill or taking well-deserved time off, an increase in workforce shortages is bound to happen at some stage in the coming months, even weeks.

Workforce shortages can lead to increased workloads for your peers, burnout, and stunts the process of providing adequate care for patients. This is an industry which is renowned for its unpredictability – despite check-ups, x-rays, blood tests and surgeries being booked in, ultimately you cannot be certain that someone coming through the automatic doors won’t need urgent care. And their visit will likely be an unexpected one. That’s why it is so crucial for you to have a system in place that relieves you of the workload and stresses that can come your way on those days where you are understaffed, and overcompensating your time and efforts which cannot be stretched across every room of your hospital or Practice. Doing so could also mean your mental health is compromised.

Don't panic - there is a silver lining here!

Crescendo Systems are here to tell you about Dragon Medical One – the #1 Medical Speech Recognition technology in the world. Yes, it really is that good. Here are a few of the key benefits of investing in Dragon Medical One:

  • Time Savings and Efficiency – Dictate patient notes with your voice, speeding up the process of recording information. Spend more time listening to your patients in their appointments, and less time typing out clinical notes. You can save upwards of 1 hour every day.
  • Improved Documentation Accuracy – Dragon gives up to 99% accuracy from its first use, so the risk of errors in medical documentation is reduced. A perfect fit for those with learning difficulties or less confident with written English, as accents do not affect its accuracy.
  • Cloud-Based – Dragon is completely cloud-based; therefore it is easily accessible from different locations and devices. Allowing you to access your notes remotely.

It all sounds great, doesn't it? Well, the fun doesn't stop there...

Sure, we’ve told you the key benefits of Dragon Medical One, but you need to know the key features too:

  • Text Expansions – Customise your own text expansions to bring more meaningful descriptions to client or patient notes.
  • Add Words – Add unique first names, surnames, locations or even phrases to your own personal dictionary.
  • Auto-Texts – Phrases you use daily such as ‘safety net’ can be set up as auto-texts. This can be done for single or multiple paragraphs.
  • Custom Commands – Dragon can launch applications and templates into Clinical Systems, Microsoft Office, and many other Microsoft or web-based apps.

With the assistance of Dragon Medical One, you have the tools to streamline your workflow, literally, on the tip of your tongue! Completely in your control, with no limitations. When reflecting on the challenges that can come in the next few months, we truly believe Dragon Medical One needs to be considered as a viable solution, so when you have an influx of patients or there’s limited staff, the quality of your clinical notes and the patients experience are not affected.

As discussed before, workflow shortages are unfortunately inevitable for healthcare professionals, so why wouldn’t you want to make this more manageable for your colleagues and yourself? By investing in Dragon now, you’ll be prepped and ready to face these challenges with a level head and the most advanced technology under your wing.

Find out more about Dragon Medical One here:

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