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by olivia beke

Meet the GPs saving 1 hour a day with Dragon Medical One webinar

Crescendo and Nuance teamed up on Thursday 7th July 2022 for another mind-blowing Dragon Medical One webinar. 

Joined by long-term Dragon Medical user Dr Barry Sullman, Dr Simon Wallace (Nuance) and Simon Howard (Crescendo) explored how the new cloud-based Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition software is proving time and time again to save GPs 1 hour a day. 

The Fireside Chat  

Dr Barry Sullman, GP Partner of Balaam Street Practice and Clinical Lead of Prescribing for Newham CCG was put into the hot seat to answer some questions about his experience with Dragon Medical One Speech Recognition. 

For easy reading the responses have been summarised. Watch the video at the top of the page for complete answers.  

What do you use Dragon Medical One for? 

I use it for my clinical work, to record my learning within the appraisal toolkit, in casualty, in six different consulting rooms within my health centre and three workstations at home. 

I would say that the beauty of the current iteration is that any enhancements I make on one workstation, become immediately available to me anywhere else I work. It’s also faster, it’s extremely accurate, there’s no training, it’s basically clean fast software.  

I thought casualty would be a difficult setting simply because of the sheer noise and total chaos, I would describe it like a cattle market, but Dragon performs perfectly. 

What do you think the key benefits of Dragon Medical One are? 

When I use Dragon for the whole day, I can typically save 1 hour, and that’s simply because it’s faster to speak than it is to type. 

However, it’s also important to point out that I’m a touch typist with a speed of about 60 words per minute, so for people who type slower the time savings are going to be substantially greater. 

We’re sending a lot more messages to patients now through our online platforms; things such as text messages or emails. With voice recognition it is possible to construct a much more detailed and fully safety netted messages simply because you’ve got more time to do it.  

These messages that we’re sending to patients are now much more detailed, we’re able to manage the patient using messaging rather than having to speak to them which again saves time.  

What is holding clinicians back from using speech recognition? 

Clinicians are addicted to using the keyboard. I am addicted to using the keyboard.  

It’s so easy to type and what I eventually had to do is move my keyboard away from me and put a microphone in the keyboard’s place. By doing this I was forced to use the microphone rather than the keyboard. Here’s a really amazing thing, I discovered that by forcing myself to use voice, I could do everything by my voice.  

How do you make use of advanced features such as AutoTexts? 

The quality of consultations is improved by using AutoText templates. 

For example, I just say, “paediatric template” and a complete examination consultation checklist is inserted. Having that checklist automatically created helps to make sure that I’ve covered everything. 

Having a standardised consultation structure ensures that the consultation looks very smart, professional, and well done. It provides safety because everything has been covered and it ensures a consistent high standard of consultation across the whole organisation. 

It’s a win-win for consultants and patients alike. 

If we turned Dragon off tomorrow, how would you feel? 

Sometimes when I come to the office and I’m rushing I don’t start Dragon, and when that happens, I feel irritated. 

Using the keyboard has started to become a nuisance for me now. 

I like the freedom of speech. 

Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to my computer, just like you see in Star Trek, and the reason for that is I’ve programmed in all the things that I do. All my AutoTexts, all my commands, it’s become a servant of my voice. 

The demo  

Simon Howard from Crescendo then went on to share a comprehensive demonstration of Dragon Medical One in EMIS Web, TPP SystmOne and an example EPR. 

In the demo Simon showed how Dragon Medical One allows clinicians to complete consultations entirely by voice within their Clinical System, create tasks for referrals, complete templates and more. 

He also demonstrated advanced features of Dragon Medical One such as AutoTexts, AutoCommands and adding custom words to the vocabulary. 

30-day free trial 

All attendees of this webinar were offered a free 30-day licence of Dragon Medical One so they could see the benefits themselves. Some were even set up ready to use their licence on the same day. 

Crescendo are continuing this offer, so if you would like to experience the benefits highlighted by Dr Sullman contact us today for your free trial. 

Free trials are open to individuals and likewise GP practices, or larger groups such as PCNs and CCGs.

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