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dr moulki at prospect house surgery
discusses the impact of dragon medical one

Written Case Study

Dr Ahmad Moukli works at Prospect House Surgery, a GP practice with a list of more than 3,500 patients.

Within a GP Practice of this size they needed a flexible, accurate and reliable technical solution to help streamline workflows, ensuring quality note taking and production of documents that could fully tell the patient story and be easily shared among those involved in their care.

Dr Ahmad Moukli has 35 years of experience as a GP and has long recognised the benefits of using Speech Recognition software to accurately record the patient information and avoid becoming overwhelmed with administration.

Dragon Medical 

Dr Moukli was an early adopter of Nuance‘s Dragon Medical Speech Recognition software, using versions back in 2008.

Most recently, Dr Moukli had been using Dragon Medical Practice Edition, a on-premise Medical Speech Recognition solution, however, has recently moved over to the new, superior Dragon Medical One cloud-based solution.

“We are dealing with people’s lives, people’s illnesses and people’s expectations. Their story has to be recorded accurately, correctly for their care and treatment but also for future reference. The software helps me do that. I use natural language and that comes across in my notes. Using detailed notes helps me to recollect details later and also helps my colleagues who may see the patient after me. Secondary care colleagues might also see those notes.”

Moving from an on-premise to a cloud-based Speech Recognition solution, that can be accessed from any device whether at home or work, has introduced the flexibility and accuracy needed for Dr Moukli to ensure detailed patient notes. These notes can be transcribed in real time and made available straight away for anyone else involved in their care, from GP colleagues to secondary care clinicians.

What’s new with Dragon Medical One?

Simple installation – Install it yourself via a web browser without the need for IT assistance or admin rights.

Always up to date – Software updates automatically just like Microsoft Office.

Dynamic dictionary – Dictionaries are regularly updated with new medical terminology and new drug names are added automatically.

Fast speedy performance – Voice processing takes place in the cloud ensuring no overhead on local NHS PC’s.

Use it anywhere – At work, on the go, even carry it on a USB drive to use in 3rd party locations you visit. Better still Clinicians working from home can use PowerMic Mobile Smartphone App to dictate directly into their  Clinical System when using remote access tools.

Advanced reporting – Full usage reporting across the organisation including utilisation data, adoption trends, ROI reporting such as time saved per GP.

Dr Moukli’s personal experience with Dragon Medical One

Dr Moukli refers to a recent scenario where a 26-year-old gentleman presented with chest discomfort. He quickly realised that the problem could be more severe than it initially seemed and had to provide information to colleagues in secondary care. 

“I realised we needed to act fast and seek advice from secondary care. I could have just quickly jotted down a couple of words in the notes and let him go, or I could use the software to provide fuller notes that he could take with him. It took about 30/45 seconds, I printed them out and off he went. It meant that he did not have to repeat himself and they did not have to call me and ask for more details. It was all there.”

The power of Dragon Medical One means that it is possible for a fuller, more comprehensive set of notes, for doctors to spend more time interacting with patients.


The capabilities of Dragon Medical One are evident. Being able to deliver comprehensive notes in a short period allows for GPs to spend more time personally interacting with patients.

The dictation software also ensures that whenever there is a need to pass information between different departments, GPs can do so most efficiently. There is also an increase in productivity when departments do not have to contact each other for information.

Dragon Medical One is a tool that improves the medical process for a GP. People like Dr. Moukli directly benefit from spending less time on documentation, more time with patients, and more opportunities to reflect on the level of care provided.

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