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by daniella driver

Dragon Professional Software – Why It Is The Best On The Market

Technology has evolved dramatically over the last decade, and today’s business professionals are under an incredible amount of pressure to perform at the highest level in almost any situation.

This means it’s important to have the best tools at your disposal, and Dragon Professional Software allows you to make the most of your time—and excel at your job, whether you’re in an office, working remotely or on-the-go.

There are other speech recognition engines on the market, however the Dragon Professional range is a favourite across the world.

What is Dragon Professional Software?

Dragon allows people to talk into their computers and have what they say transcribed into writing instantly. It’s called speech recognition software, and it can be super helpful for those who have typing heavy roles or likewise struggle with typing or spelling.

Dragon is much more than a simple speech-to-text engine, it learns the way you speak for maximum accuracy and allows you to create Voice Shortcuts to save even more time.

How does it compare to other Professional Speech Recognition Engines?

Dragon is the world’s leading speech recognition engine, and if you need proof of this Microsoft just bought out Nuance (creators of Dragon) for a mind-blowing $19.7 billion, despite having their own rival speech recognition engine.

The Dragon engine is not only the most accurate, boasting up to 99% accuracy from first use, it is also the most feature full solution available on the market.

What are the unique features of Dragon Professional Software?

The most basic feature of Dragon Professional Software is the speech-to-text element. This allows users to dictate into a microphone, and the text will instantly appear on their PC. Or on their mobile app that is what they are using.

There are also other clever features that have been built into Dragon Professional Software which isn’t available in other engines, allowing for even more time savings, including:

Correcting – this allows the speech recognition software to learn your voice, if it’s not picking up a word you can correct it and it will get it right next time

Adding words – with this feature you can use words that aren’t in the standard dictionary, such as last names like mine which is “Beke”

AutoTexts – this is the ability to insert standard phrases and paragraphs by using a simple voice commands such as “insert privacy summary”

AutoCommands – this feature allows you to navigate your PC entirely by voice including calling up templates such as “open SLA template”

Where can I get Dragon Professional Software?

Depending on your needs, Dragon Professional Software comes in a few different flavours. For basic dictation and control of a computer, you’ll want to use Dragon Professional Group. If you’re looking for something more advanced, maybe for a multiple users within an organisation, look at Dragon Professional Anywhere.

All versions of Dragon Professional Software are available through Crescendo, a trusted Nuance Elite Partner.

Ensuring that you buy your Dragon Professional Software through a provider that is going to be able to support you from the initial sale, all the way through to installation, training and technical support, should be a priority during the buying process.

Dragon Professional Software - Channel Partner

How much does Dragon Professional Software cost?

Dragon Professional Software as we know comes in different flavours, and the different flavours have different pricing. However, even the most expensive solution is cheaper than a cup of coffee a day.

The version that you want will depend on your requirements such as: are you an individual, are you an organisation, does the software need to be hosted in Citrix or a remote environment, what spec are your PCs etc.

Call a member of the Crescendo Team on 01932 789433 and they will talk you through the different options of Dragon Professional Software, and help you find the one that’s right for you.

PS. Learn about the different versions of Dragon Professional in this blog.

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