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by olivia beke

How to Save 1 Hour a Day With Speech Recognition Software

Productivity tools are of the range, from automated booking systems to CRMs, organisations invest big money every year to save their employees time.

However, one thing majority of organisations are still ignoring that could boost their employees productivity by up to 6 times is Speech Recognition software.

Even touch-typists are 3x faster using Speech Recognition software compared to typing, and if you’re in a role where you’re sat at your keyboard for more than 2 hours, you’re going to be saving over 1 hour a day on typing.

So, What Is Speech Recognition Software?

Simply put, as you speak the spoken words are converted to written ones using a speech-to-text engine. This written content is then created for you in real time, so the sentence writes itself as you speak it.

Most people are familiar with the basic concept of Speech Recognition software from freeware like Siri or Alexa, however professional use solutions such as Dragon take the basic speech-to-text to the next level with features to make the user experience the best it can be. 

Features of Dragon Speech Recognition software includes AutoTexts which are great for repetitive typing such as “Insert Standard Terms” and AutoCommands which save time navigating your PC such as “Open Template X”.

How Can You Save 1 Hour A Day Using This Software?

Dragon Speech Recognition software has up to 99% accuracy from first use, saving users upwards of 1 hour a day on typing. 

How much time you can save is based on how much you type and how fast you do it as displayed in the blue table.

You can find out exactly how many words per minute you type here by taking a wpm test, this will help you determine exactly how much time you could save.

Time saving table speech recognition software digital dictation software

*based on the average person dictating 150wpm. The average UK typist types 40wpm.

Additionally, by not having to keep writing the same things over and over again with the AutoText feature, any time spent on repetitive typing is instantly saved. AutoTexts take less than 1 minute to make and will save you hours every year.

If you have completed the wpm test, and have a rough idea of how many hours you spend typing a day you can calculate the exact ROI from our Speech Recognition software here.

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Whether you are a Clinician looking to create more time with patients, a solicitor wanting to complete more billable work, or another role with another aim, Speech Recognition will help you achieve your goals.

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“The Medical Speech Recognition has equated to a time saving of up to 1 hour per day for each doctor which has directly benefitted the patients.”

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