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by olivia beke

The Best Legal Software of 2021

Regardless of your priorities for 2021, there is 1 type of legal software which could be a key tool to help achieve them all.

Is your firm looking to reduce fee earner admin time and improve their mental health? Reduce costs in the firm? Increase billable hours? Go fully cloud to prevent being like one of the firms that have been hacked over the past year?

Every single one of these goals, could be achieved with the help of one legal software you probably haven’t even thought to consider… Speech Recognition, the replacement of Digital Dictation, tapes and the humble keyboard.

The best legal software for 2021 by a mile is Speech Recognition, even touch typists are working 3x faster with its help, fee earners report saving up to 3 hours a day, it is increasing billable hours and reducing costs, all whilst sitting up in the cloud with 256-bit encryption without storing so much a word.

So, Speech Recognition is the best legal software of 2021, but which version?

Nuance, who are already known for being the creators of the world’s #1 Speech Recognition engine, have just released a specialised version of Dragon for UK Legal.

In our expert opinion, the best legal software of 2021 is all new Dragon Legal Anywhere. This advanced Speech-To-Text engine allows users to access it from anywhere, saving themselves countless hours and streamlining workflows.

The new Legal Speech Recognition engine has been developed from millions of words from UK English Legal documents. Users can be confident in its 99% accuracy for their specific use.

Within the Legal Sector every minute matters, equip yourself with the Speech Recognition engine made for UK Legal where you’ll never have to correct defendant to Defendant. 

Putting Dragon Legal Anywhere to the test...

Saying that Speech Recognition, specifically Dragon Legal Anywhere is the best legal software of 2021 is a bold claim. So we’re giving you the opportunity to try it free of charge for 30-days to put it to the test, get your free trial by completing the form at the bottom of the page.

Something holding you back from trying Speech Recognition?

Trying new legal software can be daunting, we understand that, so we have put together a short list of common apprehensions and why they shouldn’t be a problem.

I already have speech recognition software?

You don’t have speech recognition software like this. This is the only Speech Recognition engine with a UK English vocabulary. Furthermore unlike other versions of Speech Recognition Dragon Legal Anywhere has a mobile application which synchronises with your PC profile to give you a seamless experience whether in office, court, working from home or wherever else you need to be.

Is the legal software too expensive?

Dragon Legal Anywhere costs less than a cup of coffee a day, it would actually cost you more not to use because of the increased capacity for billable work with the time savings from the software.

The software won’t work with my computer system?

Dragon Legal Anywhere works with majority of setups, include Citrix & Remote Desktop. However, it does not work on Macs at this point.

Is my accent too strong for dictation software?

Actually, regardless of how strong your accent is, the software will understand you immediately. The software is designed to work with all UK and other accents.


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