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by olivia beke

Speech Recognition for Sales

If you work in sales you know one thing for sure, time is money.

How much are you making in 1 hour of work? If you average your sales figures for the year with how many hours you work, is your hour worth £50, £100, £500?

Dragon Professional Anywhere is saving sales professionals 1 hour a day on typing, for as little as £2 a day for the software.

How to save time with Speech Recognition in a sales role?

Our Sales Manager Paul Morgan swears by our Speech Recognition and how it saves him over 1 hour a day on typing.

“I used to sell it and not use it, then I realised how many times I am sending very similar emails out and wasting time typing it out each time. AutoTexts is how you save big time in a sales role”

An AutoText is a pre-made “block” of content such as a standard paragraph or an email signature, that you call upon when using Speech Recognition with a simple command such as “Insert email signature”.

I asked Paul what he is using AutoTexts for and he gave me the below list:

  • Pricing – each product has a different price so being able to saying “DPA Pricing” and the pricing inserting into an email is funnily enough priceless
  • Reminder emails for meetings – I have demos booked in and my customers have said they find it useful getting a reminder in the morning so I simply say “Meeting today” and it inserts my standard paragraph
  • Follow ups – following up someone who hasn’t replied in a couple of weeks I have templates for each product, I simply say “Follow up DMO”
  • Checking in on clients – I like to check in with my clients and have a few different templates such as “New DLA user”

Stop wasting time typing when you could be selling. Try our Speech Recognition free for 30 days today, or book in a demo with Paul to see exactly how he uses the software.


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