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by olivia beke

What does the Microsoft acquisition of Nuance mean for your Dragon Software?

Confirmed on Monday 12th April, Microsoft are to acquire Nuance Communications for a whopping $19.7 billion.

Microsoft had partnered with the world-class Speech-to-Text creator Nuance on several products over the last 2 years, and now have gone all in.

If there was ever a doubt in anyone’s mind as to which is the best Speech Recognition Engine, it has now been confirmed by Microsoft that Nuance is in fact the best.

What does the acquisition mean for my current licences?

As a current user of Nuance software this news may have left you feeling slightly concerned for the fate of your software, but don’t worry, we’ve outlined what we predict the future to hold below:

Short-term, the acquisition should make no difference at all, you will be able to continue using your Speech Recognition as before, and continue to purchase through your Nuance Sales Partner (such as Crescendo).

Long-term, no one can tell the future or 100% confirm what is going to happen, but we like to think that we have a fairly good idea:

1. Vast improvements to the software

Nuance has already taken their Speech Recognition to near perfect levels, with 99% accuracy straight “out of the box”, but functionality can always be improved. With the full power of Microsoft we expect to see new innovative features released in the coming years.

2. Developments on healthcare products

It is no secret that part, if not the whole reason for Microsoft acquiring Nuance is to make them more competitive against Amazon in the Healthcare Market, so we expect to see majority of the early changes to be made in this department.

3. Older products to go end of life

Microsoft is well known for only having 1 version of each software at a given time, ie Windows. Therefore, we expect that older software will go end of life in the next few years and generous upgrade packages will be available to existing customers. This should be taken as a positive as if you love your Dragon Speech product now once Microsoft have gotten their hands on it and made improvements you will not be able to get the new version fast enough.

Crescendo are very excited to see where Microsoft takes Nuance and cannot wait to start working with them.

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