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by olivia beke

How to add a word in Dragon Speech Recognition

For Dragon Professional Anywhere & Dragon Medical One users

If you are using Dragon Speech Recognition and have never added a new word, then I can guarantee this blog will save you time.

Unlike more basic Speech Recognition tools, Dragon will allow you to add your own vocabulary, whether that be a client’s name or an industry specific term. And better still it only takes a minute to do!

This will save you a lot of time on having to correct the speech engines mistakes, for instance my last name is “Beke”, most Speech Recognition engines will input “Becca”, but once you add the word to Dragon, it will always remember the word is spelt “Beke”.

Sound good? Learn how to add a new word

Open the Dragon Application, and once it has launched follow the below steps to add a new word in 1 minute:

  1. Click the Dragon icon on the bar and select Manage Vocabulary
  2. Click the Plus Sign at the top of the window.
  3. Enter new word/phrase, name or acronym
  4. Click the microphone button
  5. Record how you would say what you added
  6. Click Back at the top of the window
  7. Verify that the word you added is there
  8. Close the Vocabulary Editor

What else can you do in Dragon?

You think adding a word is neat? Wait until you see what else you can do with your Dragon Software.

Add an AutoText – if you have long standard paragraphs you will love this feature, insert a full paragraph by saying just 3 words ie “Insert Letter Signature”

Add a Command – are there templates you are using frequently, how about a quick voice command, simply say “Open Insurance Claim Template” and Dragon launches the document for you ready to use, no need to spend 4 minutes finding it.

Correcting a word – is there a word Dragon struggles with? Maybe a name or place it keeps on inputting as another word? You can correct the word in Dragon so it knows in the future not to mix them up

Want to know how to do one of the above? Contact our support team on 01932 789433 opt 2, or if you are not a Crescendo Customer contact our Sales Team on and they’ll be able to send you instructions free of charge.


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