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What is Digital Dictation?

Do you keep hearing about “Digital Dictation” but still aren’t 100% sure what it is?

If you already know what Digital Dictation is and are looking for the best solution for your organisation click here.

In this blog learn what is Digital Dictation, how it started and what is has evolved into (HINT: It’ll save you lots of time!).

What is Digital Dictation software?

For many years, the go-to method for dictation was to use tape-based systems. These tapes would be used to record a Professional speaking notes, correspondence, documentation and reports. These tapes were then sent to a Typist to listen and transcribe, then send a copy of the typed document back to the Professional.

This process worked well enough for some time; however, it was not without its drawbacks. For instance, using tapes for dictation meant that if the Typists were not based in the same location, they would have to have the tapes delivered (expensive), and if one got lost, then the recording was lost with it. In this modern world, it was decided that a current solution needed to be presented, and this is where Digital Dictation was born.

Digital Dictation software works much the same as the old process; however, the Professional who is dictating does not need to speak into a tape recorder for them to be sent away to be typed up. Instead, they record their notes digitally, directly into a digital recorder or even a mobile app. The software will then notify the Typist that the recordings are ready and waiting to be typed up—all without having to physically send a copy.

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The new Digital Dictation software was revolutionary not just from a convenience standpoint, also from a quality standpoint. Suddenly the Professionals were able to label, categorise and prioritise dictations. Typists were able to receive dictations instantly, then when transcribing listen to crystal clear dictations they could rewind and fast forward with ease.

What is the best Digital Dictation software?

Crescendo’s DigiScribe-XLThe DigiScribe-XL solution is a favourite in thousands of organisations worldwide.

Built over 30 years ago, it has been developed and optimised based on customer feedback to be the most complete Digital Dictation offering available.

What sets DigiScribe-XL apart?

DigiScribe-XL has all the standard features of a Digital Dictation system including high quality recordings, prioritisation and live availability of dictations. The below key features sets the Crescendo Digital Dictation system lightyears ahead of most other systems:

Full management reporting module – perfect for leadership to monitor and optimise the workflow of dictation, highlighting top and bottom performers.

1-click to outsourced typists – typist on holiday or have a sudden influx of work? With DigiScribe-XL you can send dictations to a UK based typing agency with just 1-click.

Backend Speech Recognition – looking to reduce reliance on typing staff or agencies? With backend Speech Recognition recordings are instantly transcribed for checking and editing, saving hours of typing.

Free mobile app – for professionals on the go, dictate straight into Crescendo’s free mobile app and send straight to typists without having to wait until you’re back in office.

"We have been using Crescendo Digital Dictation for at least the last 10 years. I can highly recommend this system. It is extremely user friendly. Technical support have always been great!"

So What now?

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