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Everything you need to know about Dragon Professional

There are some professions and jobs which require a lot of typing, whether it be documentation, reports, correspondence or client notes. Of course, you can manually type these up, maybe even at 50 words per minute if you are a strong typist. But what if we told you that there was a better way?

Dragon Professional Speech Recognition has been developed to make a professional’s voice, their keyboard. Dragon Professional can type up to 150 words per minute, and with the average typist only typing 40 words per minute, you do can do the maths of the incredible time savings.

When you want the very best Speech Recognition software, you want a Dragon Professional product. Known to be the number one Speech Recognition solution for professionals in the world, Dragon Professional can be trusted to provide over 99% accuracy straight out of the box. This is thanks to the Deep Learning Technology and a next-generation speech engine developed by Nuance Communications.


Ideal for those who need to turnover a lot of documentation at speed, Dragon Professional will save you time and make working much easier for you too. You can dictate straight into your PC, navigate it by voice, set up AutoTexts to input paragraphs with just one spoken word and much more.

Any place you can type, you can speak with the Dragon Professional suite.

The different versions of Dragon Professional

One of the best things about Dragon Professional is you can choose from a variety of different versions, all of which can provide you with everything that you need.

Dragon Professional Anywhere

Dragon Professional Anywhere Speech Recognition Logo

The crème de la crème of the Dragon Professional products, Dragon Professional Anywhere is the solution you want for an office and flexible work from home organisation.

Dragon Professional Anywhere is cloud-based installing in just 1-click, or where needed can be set up in Remote Environments such as Citrix and Remote Desktop. It comes with a free mobile app which syncs with the user’s PC profile creating seamless office/on the go working. The mobile app worth £299 being free makes the Anywhere version the best value on the market.

The Dragon Professional Anywhere software also allows for usage reporting of users and sharing users saved AutoTexts and AutoCommands across the organisation.

You can trial Dragon Professional Anywhere free of charge for 30-days, this includes installation and training from our Speech Recognition experts. Following the 30-day trial Crescendo provides a ROI report demonstrating just how much has been saved in the 30-days from usage and how much could be saved over the year.

Dragon Professional Group

Dragon Professional Group

Dragon Professional Group is popular for use in schools or colleges, where a solution is needed to be offered but doesn’t require the collaboration and reporting that is needed in an office environment.

Dragon Professional Individual

The simplest solution to your dictation needs. Dragon Professional Individual is designed to make sure that you can take accurate notes as quickly as possible. Popular among students as it is the cheaper option and good for note taking or writing essays, however lacks the full features of the newer versions.

So What now?

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